Friday, November 12, 2010

Just discovered, Cute, Get real

1. 2nd Helpings Cafe, located on Williamson Road, is run by the Rescue Mission with all profits going to the Mission. They serve Boar's Head cold cuts, homemade soups, scones and Homestead Creamery ice cream. I ordered an excellent lunch there today and I will definitely return.
2. I bought a tiny little something for baby's Christmas stocking. It's the first gift I've purchased for our granddaughter who is due very soon!
3. My favorite vendor at the Stocked Market isn't all the way from Texas or somewhere far away. And they don't sell gimmicky, overpriced items. They are Chocolate Paper, located right here in Roanoke, offering practical items that we all need such as gourmet chocolate.


  1. Boar's Head?!

    Where is this Stocked Market? Chocolate Paper sounds like my kind of place.

    Congratulations on the grandbaby!

  2. Debbie- the Stocked Market is a weekend- long event every November at the Roanoke Civic Center. Sort of an upscale craft fair. Chococlate Paper is located in downtown Roanoke in the market square area or out on Electric Rd. near Cave Springs.
    Yes, there's nothing like good cold cuts and bagels!