Wednesday, October 6, 2010


1. It's nice to have beautiful things right at the beginning of day. Coffee is always my first pleasure. Sunrise is a close second. Today's sunrise was exceptional. I knew the color would be fleeting, so I took Tess' camera, left it on automatic and clicked.
2. Changing from blue jeans and shoes to sweat pants and slippers.
3. Steve goes to the drugstore for me. He brings home medicine and a hot water bottle. But first he wants to compare the dog's pills to mine; they are identical. "Why can't you just take his pills?" he asks.


  1. If you take his pills, will you want to scratch behind your ears or go running after a rabbit? :)

  2. I used to get sick when the dog did when I was a child. The doctors always poohed it but I firmly believed we both had the same thing.