Friday, October 8, 2010

A new day, Love the green signs, Clear and mild

1. Woke up feeling much better with hopes that the day might actually be normal.
2. He drives, I navigate using the GPS on his Blackberry. "I don't like this thing, can't I just watch the roadside for interstate signs?" I look up and there they are! The old-fashioned way still works and I relax in my seat, feeling comforted.
3. Beautiful, bright stars in a black sky.


  1. I like the old-fashioned way too.

    What's the matter? Are you sick? I just read a couple of your posts and cracked up over the dog pills but I didn't see what's wrong. Hope it's just a cold.

  2. Debbie,the dog and I both happened to have stomach issues. I'm better, but poor old Gunner isn't bouncing back so well.