Saturday, September 25, 2010

Raleigh, NC

1. Steve has loaded the crib, dresser and high chair onto the truck. We add our suitcases and Henri and we're off to visit Claire and Daniel!
2. I've packed sandwiches for our dinner on the road. Steve says, "Ever since Cape Cod, you've packed a picnic when we travel." (That was in 1981.)
3. Claire and I leave early Saturday morning for the Liberty Antiques Fair. The guys stay behind to tile the laundry room floor. This seems unfair, but they're happy, so we're happy.
4. It is hot, hot, hot. A vendor is selling freshly squeezed lemonade so we sit in the shade with a glass and sip lemony sweetness piled with ice cubes.
5. Browsing 100 acres of antiques is a bit overwhelming. I buy a wooden dough bowl and two vintage Christmas ornaments for my collection.
6. Preparing dinner side by side with Claire.
7. We opened her new paint spray gun and practiced. She is a pro in no time. The cradle is very pretty with its new coat of white paint.
8. Sunday brunch at Tir Na Nog in downtown Raleigh.
9. On our drive home, we stopped at a working mill. It has finally begun to rain and the sound on the tin roof of the mill was peaceful. The rest of the drive home was through a wonderful, soaking rain.

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