Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nothing new, Shower, Crisp and clean, Zero

1. An errand takes me to the other side of town where I have a chance to browse some second hand shops and the Habitat Re-Store. I like the chippy old doors and beautiful fixtures from old, torn down places.
2. The temperatures are still running in the 90's. I drag the garden hose through the kitchen and out to the screen porch where I give the walls and floor a wash down. The icy spray is refreshing around my bare feet.
3. Fresh tablecloths and clean floors make me very happy.
4. She would like to ignore the zeros in math equations. We discuss why this might not be a good idea and we examine the huge difference it makes when they are ignored. I understand her reasoning- zeros are big, fat nothings so why bother with them.

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