Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It could have been a LOT worse, It's hard to pull when you're laughing, Snails

1. I have driven a month with my "check engine" light on, so I reluctantly went to the VW dealer. The malfunction was due to a mistake they made the last time I was in and there will be NO CHARGE to fix it. Yes! And my car is zippy again now that cylinder 2 is firing properly.
2. Steve and I need to move the huge and heavy compost bin across the yard. He uses two of the kid's scooters as dollies; I pull, he pushes. This cracks me up and I laugh all the way across the yard at the two of us maneuvering this hulk on scooters.
3. Silvery snail trails crisscross the cement landing.

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  1. Happiness is being able to find joy in all that we do! Loved this. xxoo