Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Family

1. My family, what can I say. These are the folks I'd most rather hang out with. I always marvel at the uniqueness of each daughter. How such varied personalities came out of the same two parents. Throw in a couple of son-in-laws and you have a wonderful, happy mix of people. As their lives become busier and distance keeps us apart, it will be hard to schedule vacations where we can all be together. The essence of time weighs on my mind and I am very grateful we had this week together.
2. Quote of the week: Daughter #3 asks, "Why would anyone collect Buddhas?" Daughter #1 replies, "Well, it's just like Grandma collects chickens."
3. Little sisters love the attention of big sisters. Together they built sand castles, rode the waves, collected sea glass , flew kites, and shopped for candy.
4. These girls will never allow their Dad to sit alone for very long.

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