Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bread Craft, Habitat, White roses

1. Ordered coffee and brioche at Bread Craft, downtown Roanoke. We took a little table in the window and visited over cup after cup.
2. Poked around the Habitat Restore where they have wonderful old and new fixtures for any sort of building project. I especially liked the old wooden doors with window panes, priced at a mere $20.
3. Pretty white roses from B. become more beautiful as they relax in the vase.
4. The owner has named one of the new foals after her- Audrey.

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  1. Lovely blog. I appreciate the quality of your observations and thoughtful descriptions. Well done. I was recently in Arlington. Virginia seems to be a great place to live...and write. Peace and all good things for you in creativity and in life.