Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Life, Baking, Time-Out, Let's Play Box Office

1. Wrapping flower pots in cellophane, Tess spots some movement in one of the flowers. We gently pick out a baby Praying Mantis and we cannot believe its tiny size.
2. The kitchen smells of sweet bread as the Italian Easter Bread bakes. It is a braided wreath of sweet bread, sometimes studded with fruit bits and baked with colored eggs nestled in the dough. It is drizzled with icing and served with Easter breakfast.
3. Tess and I reward ourselves with a movie. I have popcorn and soda for my dinner and Tess has a Breuster's ice cream.
4. We have a talk with Chelsea through the box office window. It's the old-fashioned kind of movie box office with a little speaker hole, a smallish glass window and she has a microphone on her side. From the bright outside where I stand, it is hard to see her in the dark interior. It's a strange way to talk with my daughter and it feels like we are playing a game.

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