Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

1. Voices raised in song as the sun rises before us.
2. Chelsea and Chad have found two abandoned bunnies on their way to church. After dinner, we sit with them on the porch while Chelsea cleans off their dirty fur. They are sweet bunnies and we comment on their cuteness as they groom each other.
3. Audrey and Chelsea return from their horseback ride and tell us of the new trails and all the interesting sights they found along the way.
4. Late in the day, we take a long walk. Upon our return, we find Audrey trying to catch wild Jenny, who is pregnant and whose halter is chafing her head. Five of us try to corral her into a corner, without getting her too worked up (!). This one little hackney pony has all five of us exhausted, dirty and sweaty. We perform the "human corral" very well and in good humor, I think. But she finds a break and charges through us every time until we must give up, not willing to chance harming her unborn foal. We tried.

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