Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The best meal ever, Algebra 2, The finish line

1. The aroma of simmering spaghetti sauce and meatballs fills the house today, making everyone impatient for dinner.
2. Steve helps Audrey with her math. I hear the drone of their voices from the other room. Then I hear Audrey say with relief, "Yay, I got it right!"
3. I still get excited about having the laundry and ironing all caught up. I know it is a very temporary victory, but those empty laundry baskets are my trophies today.


  1. I tend to be relieved when there is no laundry left in the basket. It's a relief that only lasts a few hours, until my husband comes home, but at least for a brief moment I feel like my task is complete.

  2. I think of them as my "in" basket and "out basket on an office desk : )Except that I have five "in" baskets and they are always full.