Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring flavors, Evening walk, Itty Bit

1. Strawberries galore at the market + deep, red rhubarb = strawberry rhubarb pie for Sunday's dessert.
2. This evening is mild enough and the daylight long enough to walk after dinner.
3. For 12 days the tiny puppy has been lost. Audrey and various neighbors have spotted it in the road many times, but it always bolts away. Based on sightings, the little thing has covered miles on these back roads. Tonight, a lady stops while we're walking to tell us she's seen a little dog in the road. Steve and I rush down the road, treats in hand, but see no sign of it. I phone the owner and report the sighting to her. Later this evening the phone rings and the puppy's owner tells me they have found Itty Bit! She was near the area of the last sighting and came out when her owner called for her. Considering her tiny, Mini Pinscher size, coyotes on the prowl and freezing nights, it's a miracle. Itty Bit and all of us will sleep better tonight.

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