Monday, February 8, 2010

Skills, Baked Ziti, Acting it out

1. My daughter was impressed by my ability to get her friend's car out of the snowbank and off the icy drive. Growing up in the north has it's perks and the skills which lay dormant now rise to the surface. Shovel gravel under the wheels for traction while two people push and the third drives. I loved her reaction when I told her we were going to push. Yes...moms can push cars. Did I remember to take my apron off?
2. We were thankful for this delicious recipe of Baked Ziti from Williams Sonoma. We all had a busy day and dinner provided time to relax, savor the flavors and catch our breath.
3. He relates a story of viewing an elegant reception hall in his mucky barn clothes. We are at his farm and he acts out some of the scenes in said barn clothes, so it is easy for me to imagine.

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