Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Stormy Day

1. Because we've had so many snow storms this season, we must title them with the date as well as the year. More specifically, "The Storm of February 5/6th, 2010" or "The Storm of January 30, 2010".
2. We experience two days within one. The first half is white, gray and snow driven. Once the storm clears, a whole new day dawns of bright, purple and heavily white.
3. Audrey and The Horse (because we can't agree on a name) run through the snow and they are both smiling.


  1. Nice! I can see the horse and girl, thrilled beyond imagination, exhilarated by oxygen and cold and white. Makes me think of my own girlhood days, galloping through the ice and snow, feeling invincible and brave and alive. I am glad for your daughter!