Monday, January 11, 2010

I love clean, I love food, Southern politeness

1. We decide to hurry and get our work done so we can re-arrange her bedroom. This leads to an overall cleaning and putting-away of odds and ends from Christmas.
2. Thick slices of Italian bread, stuffed with cream cheese and apricot preserves, dipped in egg/milk/cinnamon, fried in butter and served with maple syrup. A fruit salad on the side rounds out our dinner. This is redundant, but... I love food.
3. Our farrier is the politest, "Yes Ma'am" person I know. The inflection of his voice when he says, "Yes, Ma'am" is unique from anyone else I've ever heard use the term.


  1. Yummy! That sounds delicious!

    I don't think I knew you had a horse! What kind?

  2. Yes, we own one, but have three here. Our Vandella is an Arabian/Saddlebred cross, Jenny is a little Hackney pony (and is pregnant!), and Valentino is Percheron/Thoroughbred. Our daughter rides Vandella and Valentino. I've gotten up on them, but usually get right back down : )