Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cardinals, Room for all, DDR

1. Two bright red cardinals visit the garden on this dreary, rainy day. Their color catches everyone's eye and I'm happy they get the attention they deserve.
2. Chelsea visits Audrey in her bedroom, where she is doing schoolwork. They invite me in along with Henri. Tess wanders in and joins me on the floor. Chad finds us and grabs a spot on the bed. The talk ranges from dogs to boys to careers. Steve realizes, after an hour, that we are all missing and finds us. He steps into the room with Gunner. Here we are, all eight (including dogs) in Audrey's room, having the nicest visit of the day.
3. After dinner, we become sluggish and blah from the rain. Someone hooks up "Dance, Dance Revolution" and we take turns playing and laughing. Good medicine for the blahs!

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