Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wee folk, Flying, Taking stock, Think tank

1. My wee folk have come onto the shelf for the holidays. I enjoy making these little dolls for all the seasons, but the red-cloaked winter ones are my favorites. These sweet little things stand only 1- 2 inches high and always make me smile.
2. As I drive over the rise, the valley stretches out before me with the wind-swept mountains on the other side. For a moment, I am flying.
3. I plan my holiday baking today and write down all the ingredients for shopping tomorrow. Heavy cream, unsweetened chocolate, mascarpone, nuts, confectioner's sugar, figs...wonderful ingredients. No ordinary "hamburger" shopping list here.
4. Even the shortest errands around here require a 30 minute drive, allowing me plenty of time to be alone and contemplate. I enjoy these mental wanderings while I drive. I have solved many problems, lifted up many prayers and had many revelations driving around our valley.

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