Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thinking Back, The Helper, Soft Pretzels

1. Once Monday hit, the week became a blur. I could only pause briefly to think about what a great weekend we just had. My life is full of blessings which I do not deserve. I think about that every day...
2. Tess and I bravely hit the shopping mall. Walking around in circles in the bookstore, hopelessly trying to find one particular title. Tess spots it right there and I am so glad to have her eyes helping me today.
3. We eat fattening, dripping with butter, soft pretzels for lunch and they are very, very good.
4. Boxes of Christmas garlands, lights and bows sit in a jumble. A group of us put our ideas together and, Voila! we create a very pretty display. When we've finished, a pot of delicious bean chili and sandwiches are ready for us.

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