Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not made in China, Practical, Seriously baking

1. In the check-out line at the department store, I look at the tag on the scarf I am purchasing and see it is made in Germany. "Wow, it's not made in China!". The woman in front of me turns and I see she is holding the same scarf, different color. "I know, it's made in Germany", she says. "Very nice", say I. "And I drive a German car", says the woman. "So do I!", I exclaim. "What kind is yours?", she asks. "I have a Passat." "Well, what do you know, I have a Passat too! And before that, I drove a Jetta." She then goes on to tell me about the engine, but we must finish checking out so she bids me goodbye with a squeeze to my arm because now we are friends.
2. A. takes us to a store called, "Tractor Supply". I'm not expecting much within, just a heater for the water trough. But it turns out to be a catch-all store and we all find something useful to buy.
3. Everyone is out of the house and I am left alone to my baking. It is grand!

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  1. Farmers love Tractor Supply. I have spent a lot of time in there with the husband.