Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ring Around the Moon, A Day Outdoors, Keep Going

1. Dog-walking, 6 a.m. The moon is at the zenith and an enchanting silver ring encircles it
2. I play two selections from the Handel's Messiah albums. No matter how many times I hear the familiar Hallelujah Chorus it still makes my heart skip and my spirit soar. It's not just the music, it's the verses...
3. The entire day outside! It feels so good to do outdoor, physical work. We have the annual "mowing-of-the-hill". The purpose of this is to be prepared for snow and sledding since the snow accumulates quicker on the shorter grass. Doesn't anyone else mow their sledding hills?
4. Steve gets the old lawnmower running again. It's a temperamental thing, but whatever he does, it runs great today. He kept our old dryer going for almost 30 years. I'm pleased that we can keep making do.


  1. My ex mother in law always called that a Moon Dog and it meant a storm was coming. I had never heard that about snow on shorter grass! You learn something new every day!

  2. I was reminded of a story. When I was young we rode our sleds in the pasture fields. I once hit a frozen cow patty, lost control of the sled, and veered into a fence post. The conk on my head knocked me unconscious!

  3. Anita, Wow! Who knew cow pies could be so dangerous. There's a lesson in that story...