Saturday, November 21, 2009

Deals, New Wheels, It's Warm Going Down

1. Word had it that there was a warehouse sale on bedding and linens. I dressed appropriately and headed on over. The lines, the jostling, and the crowds were worth it. I triumphantly purchase a high quality feather bed mattress topper, a down comforter and a beautiful duvet cover for a total of $74!
2. Steve takes daughter #3 out to the used car lots to buy her first car. Success! She comes home eager to clean it. She doesn't want to drive it, just clean it.
3. B. has invited us for dinner. We stay well past midnight chatting by the fire. I am thankful to have friends who we can honestly talk to, who provide fresh insight on our current issues and who care about our family. Not to mention that B.'s mom makes a wonderful walnut liqueur.


  1. Oh, I remember cleaning my first car all day long. It could barely run, but it was clean!

  2. Ahh. Friends. Especially ones who can make really good liquor!