Monday, November 9, 2009

Ants, Ginger Cookies, Catalog, Catazine

1. I had time to sit and watch ants crawl on someone's path today. I remember that as a child, I had time to watch bugs, grass, and clouds. Just waiting for a friend to finish supper and come out to play afforded time to sit on their stoop and watch their ants. Life had a nice pace to it back then...
2. Baked these soft ginger cookies today. They were a breeze to bake and very tasty!
3. Thumbing through an attractive catalog of ______. The items look so appealing, I want to order everything to give as gifts and keep for myself. (I must leave this blank so my gifts will stay a surprise in case someone special reads this.) Who is their genius photographer?!
4. Phone a (different) catalog company to have my name removed from their mailing list. The recorded voice called it a "catazine". Is this for real? They actually combined a word out of catalog and magazine? Now I definitely must unsubscribe.

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