Saturday, October 31, 2009

Golden, Taste the Tradition, Halloween

1. The hairdresser enjoys working with Audrey's hair, satin gold that it is. I watch as she trims, sculpts, and plays with it for over an hour. Audrey certainly doesn't get her straight, golden hair from my side of the family. Perhaps this is why her hair intrigues me.
2. I spend the morning cooking meatballs and sauce as my mother and grandmother did. My treat is to fry the last few meatballs in the olive oil until they are crispy on the outside and eat them like this, sans sauce. As a kid, I hovered around the kitchen as my mother made the meatballs, waiting for the last ones to be fried and then shared with my dad.
3. After dark, we meet up with friends to "trick-or-treat". Groups of children materialize out of nowhere, building in numbers and creating a festive air. Parents stand and visit in the streets while the children march this way and that to houses promising them candy. We comment on the warm evening, cute costumes and heavy bags laden with candy.

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