Monday, August 3, 2009

Rest, A Good Book, Raspberries

1. I return home and sigh with relief. The comfort of home, a safe haven where I can rest and heal, is tangible.
2. American Creation is an inspiring, compelling account of the early years of America's republic. I am in awe of what the founding men of this country accomplished and I am humbled by the men who sacrificed and fought for this ideal.
3. The raspberries we planted last spring are ripening and we divide a few amongst ourselves each day.


  1. I love raspberry season. That does sound like a good book. You know what they always say, "East, West, home is best."

  2. It's raspberry and blueberry season here too. Jamie and Rona are going berry picking and muffin bakeing this morning, in fact, while I work.

  3. Tom, it sounds like you will have some treats waiting for you when your work is done!

  4. I'd sell my soul for raspberries. I keep buying raspberry plants but have no luck with them. There's one dead outside right now and I was so careful! Wah!