Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grosgrain Ribbon, Fried Pepper Sandwich, Holes, Al Fresco, Peonies

1. I spend the day sewing colorful bands of grosgrain ribbon onto Tess's curtains. I love grosgrain ribbon. It reminds me of Easter hats and gift packages.
2. Super-tasty fried pepper and egg sandwich for lunch. My mom used to pack these for me when I was in grade school. I would be a little embarrassed when the olive oil would soak through the brown bag, but it sure beat the other kids' peanut butter sandwiches.
3. We peer down the deep post hole, thinking we should toss something into it as a time capsule before it gets filled in.
4. Rather than clear the table of my sewing, we dine on the porch. This impromptu decision is fun and much more pleasurable since the weather has begun to improve.
5. A neighbor brings us a box full of pink peony roots and a bag of white! I have always wanted peonies. These were originally planted by his mother many years ago, on other farm properties and now we will help spread them.

1 comment:

  1. I love peonies, too, and have always wanted a bush or two. My grandmother used to have some, so they remind me of her.