Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time to browse, Cheap wine, Better, A new baby

1. Leisurely wandered Walmart's aisles, sight-seeing. I had a list, but my real intention was to investigate the store and see what it could offer me.
2. Out of curiosity, I bought a bottle of Chardonnay for $2.94. Steve and I examine the label, chuckling and puzzling over what this will taste like.
3. During the night, I hear Audrey go upstairs to bed, which means she is feeling better.
4. Receive the happy news that a friend has had her first baby! Throughout the day, my thoughts wander back to when our daughters were born.


  1. Wow. Wine at $3 a bottle? I remember drinking wine at £3 a bottle when I was a student so this must be at least twice as bad. Whew!

  2. Yes, think vinegar!
    We ended up using the stuff to sprinkle over the stuffed mushrooms before baking. No harm done there.

  3. I was thinking "MD 2020" when I read that... I bet it was awful.