Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tea Tavern, Cooler, Brake Job

1. A lovely brunch with friends at the White Oak Tea Tavern. The cranberry pecan chicken salad is delicious, served with a mini half-loaf of home baked bread and balsamic vinegar dressing for dipping. Iced black tea with a hint of raspberry- so refreshing! The atmosphere of this authentic log cabin-turned-tea tavern is cozy and welcoming.
2. Huge dark clouds usher in cooler air. It is kind of mother nature to give us a break now and then from the heat.
3. We peek out the window at husband and son-in-law working together on the car's brakes. They are huddled over the parts in all seriousness, hands greasy. Chad is wearing one of Steve's hats. It's nice to have sons in the family.

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  1. White Oak is one of my favorite gathering places, too.