Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

1. Too many books and I need room for more. I carefully pull a boxful to donate to the library and I have no regrets in parting.
2. Sawdust everywhere in the basement, but the smell of freshly cut wood compensates for the mess.
3. I also love the smell of Calamine lotion. It's generally associated with poison ivy, (which I had annually as a child and now have again). I like to dab the cotton ball, feel the cool lotion and smell the it just me?
4. The town gathers on the ball field at dusk. We meet up with friends and family, everyone happy to be out in this evening. Once it's dark, the fireworks begin and all faces turn upward.
5. We walk back through town where families continue to celebrate in backyards with sparklers. I like walking after dark on a pleasant summer's night.
6. Audrey is home ahead of us and tells me that the Albino deer was lying in our front field when she drove in. I decide that this deer alone may eat my flowers.

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