Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comfort, Mushrooms, Friendly grocer

1. My favorite kind of rainy day. No thunder or lightning, just dark, gray, steady rainfall. I find this kind of day comforting and full of contentment.
2. There are gigantic mushrooms on the neighbor's lawn. Even though we are acres apart, I see them out my kitchen window, stems and tops. Any moment I expect to see a gnome perched on top.
3. I opt to head for the little, older grocery store in Troutville where they always seem to have what I need. It's the kind of grocery I remember as a kid where the clerks are friendly. I am not disappointed this time either and I decide that I will always head here when I've run out of something.


  1. The Troutville IGA is a nice little store. I don't shop there often enough myself.

  2. I love red with white polka dotted toadstools, I always have. I miss the IGA! My mom used to shop there when I was growing up.