Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rocks, The View, Tired,

1. We set out early with Barbara and John for a rock gathering expedition on John's family land in the mountains and woods. The weather is perfect in my opinion, rain and mist, setting the perfect atmosphere for such a trek. The mountains are beautiful in the spring! The scents of wet earth are everywhere as we explore the land, shuffle through old, abandoned houses (and outhouses) and have rock-piles galore to pick from. The truck is loaded with my mossy, lichen covered rocks, parallel on two sides, for my future rock wall. I keep asking Steve, "Just one more?", as he checks the springs and tires.
2. John leads us to a hilltop where we take our packed lunch. The view is breathtaking and the food tastes so good.
3. The good kind of, fall into bed dead tired, sleep.

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  1. OH, it sounds like the perfect day!! What a great place to have a picnic.