Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dark Sky, The Fawn, Aprons

1. The sky had turned steel-blue and very dark, a solid sheet of it. A few minutes later the rain came in torrents. The sky scape is rarely boring here.
2. Audrey is pretty sure she saw the fawn with its mother. I believe she is able to recognize one fawn from another. In a year I'll be cursing this deer for eating my garden, but for now I am happy it has its mother.
3. I like putting on my apron in the morning. It makes me feel ready for the day.


  1. Isn't it amazing how dark and forboding a sky can be just before torrential rains! I love aprons as well. I wear one every day.

  2. The sky turned like that when we started riding last night. It started pouring and then the sun came out. I looked over at my daughter on her horse, surrounded by a torrential downpour, in bright sunshine. Then there was a rainbow. It was unreal.


  3. We have a mother and fawn in front of our house. The mother ate my roses this afternoon while I was out. I am pretty sure it was her; she ate them last year, too!

  4. I have threatened to strangle these deer with my bare hands when it comes to my garden! And yet, they are so pretty and the fawns are so adorable.
    The only rememdy I have found so far is to hang Irish Spring soap on everything. (Leave it in the box.)