Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring, A New Bed, Hairstyles

1. Spring overwhelms me this morning! No longer just a hint of spring, but full-blown spring in all its glory. The birds sing a variety of songs, the ground is supple under foot and the air feels cold from beneath yet warm from above. And the smells! Damp earth, sweetness in every direction, the air is flooded with scents. Green is the predominant color, glowing in vivid emeralds. What ever did I do to deserve this? Nothing, and yet here I am.
2. A good morning's work outside. Tess and I dig a new flower bed. I worry about stressed muscles, but I'm having too much fun to let up. I admit to myself that this may be the last ground I break in my gardening "career". I don't think I mind this realization too much.
3. As we toss clumps of sod into a pile, Tess starts trimming the long grass on them with scissors. She's giving the clumps hairstyles and we laugh at the one she gives a Mohawk.

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  1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my art blog. The positive feedback means a lot to me. I don't get too many visitors on that page! I love this three thing idea. Yours made me think of spring and gardens and all the daffodils that are sprouting up and blooming all over the place. It is colder today, but it is nice to know that spring has arrived, or will do tommorrow!