Sunday, February 22, 2009

Six Days in N.Y.

1. Mom greeted us after our 10 hour drive with a delicious beef stew. She knows it's my favorite dish. Hers still tastes better than mine even though I've used her recipe for years.
2. Falling asleep to the sounds of hot water trickling and ticking through the radiators at night.
3. Greetings, hugs and kisses from the cousins Susie, Kathy, Angela and Jessie.
4. A trip to Krause's candy shop where the sweet smell of chocolate knocks us over at the door. What to choose?!
5. An afternoon of scrubbing, cleaning and organizing at Charlette's place. The satisfaction of a job well done while working alongside Tess. We keep stepping back to admire our work. I'm very thankful for the dust mask I decided to buy.
6. A visit with Pete, Jane and Veronica. One of Pete's delicious apple pies with coffee and conversation.
7. Helping Mom shop, cooking for her and pouring her coffee in the morning.
8. A drive through Kinderhook, Valatie and Chatham. Tess and I stop in some of our favorite shops. We buy a bushel of apples and linger in the store to absorb the smell of spicy sweet apples. A cider donut and hot, mulled cider for the drive back to Mom's.
9. Packing everything back into the car. Getting it all to fit because we're going home with more than we came with.
10. Time to sit alone in Charlette's empty house and remember...
11. The bushel of apples sits behind my driver's seat and I smell them all day while driving home.
12. Finally coming upon the mountains in Virginia. It's beautiful every time I make this drive.
13. Greetings from Henri. He's the best little greeter in the world. Home, Home, Home!

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