Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Beautiful Weekend

     I'm coming down from a great, hectic, wonderful weekend. Tess' graduation and senior recital brought everyone into town. We packed all the love we could manage to squeeze into forty-eight hours. Chelsea and Simon drove from Canada/New York, totally wrecked their car on a deer on their way here and still made it! Claire and Daniel packed their family into the car for the second time in two weeks and drove here again because they wouldn't miss it. (Claire also played a duet with Tess.) Audrey and Jared stayed well into the night around our bonfire and returned again the next day, all to honor and support their youngest sister. It was a beautiful thing and I could not be happier to have these memories to treasure. From Simon chasing Mari around the yard with a bag full of water, to Jack stripping down to his birthday suit to go in the wading pool., to a quick pizza before trotting off to hear Tess bless us with her music, to all the friends who came to show their support. I am overwhelmed.


  1. I'm enjoying parts of that recital on Facebook! And so lovely that you were all together - what a wonderful family you have.

  2. Wow, you have a beautiful family. I love family reunions, and it made me happy for you and yours to read about your memories. God bless you all!