Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy Tumbles Out, How I See It, To Benefit W.A.R.

1. We have no idea where #4 might go to college; it's a quest at this point in time. However, she did think it was a lot of fun to open this letter and have confetti tumble out.
2. It's a perfectly flat, gray, November day. No wind, no shape to the clouds, just flat and cold. It's the epitome of November. Sometimes things are supposed to be cold and flat and gray. That's what normal is.
3. A friend held her annual W.A.R. party this evening and, as always, the items for sale were beautiful. The dining room table overflowed with jewelry, scarves, purses and other handmade items from around the world. As I handled each piece, I imagined the woman who crafted it and the small  connection we have from halfway around the world.


  1. I must have been reading this at work and had to go before commenting. Because I thought I had! That was a fun and not too messy confetti surprise. Congrats to her - how fun to be choosing a college.