Friday, October 31, 2014

Goings On- the Good, the Bad, and the Creative

1. The fact that it was Halloween wasn't forefront in my mind during the day. So, every time I saw a costumed person out in public I was taken a little off-guard. The result was a day punctuated with little surprises for me.
1a. Just a reminder of what's not OK- An adult delivery man who approaches an elementary school with a bandana tied over his face. No blood, no gore, just a bandana. This was probably the scariest thing I saw all day.(We refused him entry until he removed the bandana.)
2. We had a quiet evening with Tess and Ian hanging out at home. Tess thought we should listen to The Edgar Winter Group's Frankenstein so we put it on the turntable. Then we got into searching some other songs with Halloweeny titles. I couldn't find the Alan Parsons Project, The Raven, but I did find Lucifer. Ian put on ELP's Pictures at an Exhibition with it's classic pipe organ which fit the mood of Halloween perfectly.

2b. We dined on pancakes and bacon. In my mind, this is a Halloween meal because my mother happened to make it one Halloween when I was little and it stuck in my memory as associated with Halloween. Simple as that.
3. I had a good and hot cup of coffee with dinner. It was comforting on this chilly, damp evening.


  1. That was very creepy of that delivery man. What was he thinking???

    That sounds like a truly yummy dinner - I love breakfast at night.