Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Hallowen!, Read to Someone, Flavors of Fall

1. Our Awkward Family Photo made it to the Hall of Fame at You have to know Steve to know his sense of humor...
2. Daniel's conversation with two-year-old Jack still makes me laugh:

Jack, running up to us with a book in his hand: Read to you! Read to you!
Daniel: Say, "Read to me."
Jack: Read to you. 
Daniel: Read to ME. 
Jack: Read to you.
Daniel: Read 
Jack: Read
Daniel: To me
Jack: To me you.

3. I chose a fall menu for our lunch with Autumn Bisque made with butternut squash accompanied by grilled sandwiches made with cinnamon swirl bread, apple butter, paper thin slices of MacIntosh apples, and American cheese. I think lunch is my favorite meal.

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  1. Well just to have two smiling pink fairies next to that grim sign is funny!

    My two-year-old great nephew Monroe kept referring to his baby brother as "Baby Sawyer." This is driving their dad crazy and he keeps trying to correct Monroe by saying, "It's just Sawyer. Say JUST Sawyer." So now Monroe is calling him Just Sawyer. :) Love the language instruction for toddlers. :)