Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rain, Rain Go Away, Hatching Out?, School- Day One

1. And on the fifth day of rain, she said, "Let that be enough." And it was.
2. I looked at the fields under sun-dappled clouds this evening. It appeared the rain was starting up again. I refocused my eyes and saw that it wasn't rain, but billions of tiny flying insects everywhere. I called Steve and Tess to come look. The bugs flew in swarming patterns that looked like puffs and swirls of smoke. They went as far as our eyes could see. Tess and I watched them for a long while, hypnotized by the spectacle. They covered all of our five acres and beyond.
3. Today was the first day of school. It was a madhouse, but we smiled anyway.
3a. The preschool class came to the office looking for their gingerbread man. He had run away and they wanted to eat him. I checked my drawers but he wasn't there.

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