Saturday, August 9, 2014

Love Bomb, Weather Patterns, It's a Revolving Door Around Here, A Walk in the Woods

1. Chelsea made it back to Colorado in the nick of time. (after fourteen hours of flight delays) Chad's  Open House for his and his partner's new bicycle business is today! Their website is up and running at: LoveBaum Bicycles. It is Chad's dream come true and we wish him much success.
2. A full day of steady rain and I love it. Even though it was on the cool side, I kept the porch door open so I could hear the rain and the birds.
3. Steve's flights were delayed too. Yet, somehow he managed to walk in the door just as I was taking a chicken pot pie out of the oven for dinner. Perfect timing!
4. Henri and I walked under dripping trees with rain soaked bark and silent woods. Is it my imagination or are there hints of summer's end in these woods?
4a. I want to tell Chelsea that I'm out walking and not broken after all. She'd be proud of her old mother : )


  1. So glad his dream came true!
    - Jane

  2. I love how men always seem to magically appear when the food's ready!

  3. Perfect timing for that pot pie! I'll bet it was lovely to smell that baking.