Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Best is Saved for Last, Shushing Linda, All Natural, A Big Day

1. I eagerly drove to my favorite chocolate shop to purchase Christmas gifts. Their truffles are so wonderful that they sell little boxes to hold just one or two. As tradition would have it, I always buy a White Pecan Turtle for myself to eat on the drive home : )
2. It's impossible to go out for dinner with these ladies and not have a good time. It's a good thing they seated us in a back corner because we were having way too much fun planning for our elderly years.
3. I opened my special gift from Chelsea. That girl...
4. I cry, I smile, I cry some more. I'm a little bit distracted. My thoughts are on something big that is happening in our family tomorrow.


  1. Special gift??? And something big happening??? Well - of course I'm dying to know...

  2. Nothing quite like buying an extra little something to eat on the drive home is there? :D