Saturday, November 23, 2013

Music Festival, With Cold Air, As It Should Be

1. Presser Hall at Hollins University is an old, old building, covered in brick with ancient hardwood floors and molding, cast iron radiators, and transom windows above the interior doors. It houses the music department. On this particular Saturday young musicians played and practiced piano simultaneously in several rooms. It was a cacophony of music notes and scales that ironically sounded pleasant.
2. Steve gets a fire going in the wood stove and it smells divine.
3. The guys are shooting pool in the basement, the kids are noisily playing boardgames in the family room, and B. knits while she and I visit in the living room. The house is being used and it makes me very happy.

1 comment:

  1. Presser Hall - that just summons up an image of a beautiful old building. I'm glad it's been used that way.

    And I love being in a houseful of family like that. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.