Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another Thanksgiving at Our House But They're Never Quite the Same

1. The parade is on (and later the dog show). We arrange a glass platter with assorted fruit for snacking and a bowl of nuts for cracking as the kitchen begins to fill with good aromas.
2. Audrey lies on the floor playing Polly Pockets with Mari.
3. One of my favorite tasks of the day is setting the table. The contrast of a natural linen tablecloth with the silver and glassware is eye appealing to me. Tiny white pumpkins hold votive candles and the leaves I waxed last month are scattered down the center of the table. Bundled twigs and berries are tied with name cards to add another touch of rustic autumn to the table.
3a. Our son-in-law-to-be introduces us to his mother. I greet her with a hug and make the observation that both our families are growing : ).
4. An "off" sound comes from upstairs. It's the vacuum. Tess has decided to rearrange her room which leads to her cleaning it, of course.

5. She's inspired by the new paper, charcoal, and colored pencils we bought in the pouring rain yesterday. Throughout the day, she shows me her sketches which make me smile.
6. Mari has pumpkin pie and then apple pie for her dinner.
7. At the end of a very long day, after some have been tucked into bed and others have begun to doze, there is a little boy who cannot sleep because of his stuffy nose. Nonni cuddles him up on her lap and whispers sweet things to him. He gazes into her eyes and studies her aging face. He takes his finger and touches it to her nose. She strokes his little boy forehead and his little boy hair. His eyes become heavy and soon he is asleep. 

I just realized Jack's hair is the same color as his mother's.

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  1. I love how Jack is hanging on in this picture!