Saturday, August 24, 2013

Late August Mornings, Good Viewing, Making Hay #2, A Day in the Life...

1. Misty mornings heavy with dew. Delicate spider webs drape the landscape.
2. "Person to Person" with Edward R. Murrow is a most interesting series of archived interviews of celebrities from the 1950's. The interviews are conducted in their homes. It's fascinating to see John and Jacqueline Kennedy, Billy Graham, Eleanor Roosevelt, and so many others interviewed this way. My favorite was Norman Rockwell. The camera panned Main Street in Stockbridge, Massachusetts on a February night in 1959. I've been down that street dozens of times and to see this way made me a bit nostalgic.
3. The fields surrounding our house were all mowed today. The good smell is more than just cut grass. It must be the wildflowers blended in.
4. Hearing Steve laugh so hard that he couldn't catch his breath. He was laughing at the comments under this: Awkward Family Photos.


  1. It sounds so beautiful where you live. I'll be heading in somewhat your way mid-September to visit my sister who lives near Winchester, VA. I can't wait to smell some country air like that.