Monday, July 1, 2013

From Last Night, Cleaning Up, New Skills

1. The next day and I'm still chuckling to myself over some funny conversations with friends last night.
1.a. I forgot to write how much fun it was to visit with B. and J. on the porch last night. It was a good way to wind down from a busy weekend. After dark, we lit candles and soft lights and talked with the sound of rain in the background.
2. I sold the last item I had listed on Craigslist. It's nice to make a few bucks on unwanted things but, what makes me even happier is to have them cleared out of the basement.
3. One of my jobs has me learning Quickbooks. It's a challenge for this pen and pencil kinda gal. After a phone conference, a few emails, and technical help from my personal tech. guy (husband ). I'm now clicking away and getting those quarterly reports outta here.
* They say it's good for an older person to do puzzles and learn new skills in order to keep the brain sharp and hold dementia at bay. I'm surely doing my part : )


  1. That's why I play Mahjong almost every day. I always think I should learn Quickbooks - good for you for doing that.

  2. Both you and Lynn have this three-thing going!