Monday, July 29, 2013

Cooling Colors, Cross Country, Fruit in a Jar, Books and Cookies

1. Off in the distance, the mountains wear the waveless colors of the ocean. Three shades of deepest aquamarine, one for each peak, are set with emerald green at their base.
2. There's a package in the mailbox! (It's for Tess, but I still get excited to find any package in the mailbox.) It contains a small, stoppered, glass jar filled with sand from the Great Sand Dunes. We hold it up to the light and marvel at the salt and pepper quality of it. She's feeling the love when she finds two notes, one from her sister and another from her brother-in-law.
3. At her last visit, Claire's left us a jar of her homemade peach jam. She captured all the goodness of fresh peaches into this spreadable fruit. It's perfect on my English muffin.
4. I happily hauled a new stack of books home from the library. I spent my evening on the porch reading, The Orchardist. It's very good.
4a. Before ending the day, I baked a batch of cookies for the boy who loves oatmeal cookies. He came in and out while I was reading, eating more than I could count. I left three more for him in a bag to take home.


  1. That makes you a popular mom! My sister used to always make pigs in a blanket, because her girls' friends always wanted them. So she still makes them when they visit. :)

  2. Ooh, homemade peach jam!

    "The Orchardist" sounds familiar. I am in the middle of a half dozen or so books right now. Not only did Kurt get me a tablet for Christmas and a gift card to put some books on it, but one of the local libraries was closing and they gave away all their books. Can you believe it? Gave them away! I must have grabbed a hundred of them. Today I was alternating between "A New Earth," and "Until I Say Good-Bye: My Year of Living with ALS" I THINK that's the last part of the title. I'm reading this one on the tablet and I can't figure out how to go backwards so I can see the whole title! Anyway, it's about a woman who gets Lou Gehrig's Disease and she winds up writing this book using only her thumb.

  3. Cooler weather, surprise packages, a good book and fresh baked cookies all make for a wonderful day, especially when combined.