Saturday, May 11, 2013

They Think of Me, I Think of Them, My Definition of Mother

1. My far away daughters have sent me flowers. In between those deliveries, Daughter #3 comes to sit and talk with me. (You can't imagine what a rare occurrence this is.) These loving gestures make me feel blessed beyond measure. I whisper my thanks to God throughout the day.
2. I had to sort through several boxes of books and papers to discard stuff that got wet in our basement earlier this week. I salvaged most of the children's drawings and laid them out to dry. I'm a hopeless sentimentalist. Notice the word "mental" in the middle part of that word.

Mother's Day 1995- The fish and octopus are fingerprints.

1996- This was the "Climbing Tree" in our backyard in New York.

By Audrey around age 5. Steve and I laughed about the pile of horse poop.
1998- Budding Artist

3. I think being a mother is about loving and giving of oneself to others in a caring way. I mother my daughters, of course, but I also mother my husband (which he doesn't particularly like) and my dog. I mother my mother, I mother my sister, I mother my garden. I mother all the children in my care each day and I may even be an overbearing mother to my friends at times. I don't think you have to biologically give birth to offspring to know or experience mothering.


  1. Happy Mothers Day, Leonora! I can see why you are beloved to your family.

  2. Oh, I thought I loved the first two (especially the drawings), and now I adore that last one. How very true. Mother is a beautiful word and description of how we care for others. I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful.

  3. So sweet, Leonora. I can see you had a lovely Mother's Day. Your daughter's are all so talented (you can see it, especially, in the budding artist's drawing--the symmetry!) and your good mothering is apparent in their art. Love, love this post. :)