Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Frozen That Way, In Between Time, Mindless Peace and Quiet

1. A young, black cat holds himself in a comical posture. Rear end in the air with front legs stretched out in front, he faces into some tall grass and becomes as still as a statue.
2. When I drop daughter off at the coffee shop, I buy a cup of iced coffee to-go. Then, I drive up the hill to our church property, roll down the windows and read a book, sipping iced coffee until it's time for my meeting. It's the perfect spot to catch a breeze and enjoy the view.
3. The lights are off in the library and it is quiet and dim. I shelve non-fiction into nice orderly numbers; 952, 811.1, 978,54. I don't even have to think about it, it's all so simply black and white.


  1. That all sounds lovely. And it's wonderful that the Dewey Decimal system is still in place. I worked at the county library in my home town from age 16 to 19 - after school and summers - and I loved the peacefulness of it.