Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shopping, Fueling the Fueler, Beer and Grill

1. Tess and I shopped two small businesses today, in honor of "Support Small Business" day. (It was purely selfish motives, really) Photo USA for 35mm film and camera batteries for Tess and Main Street Primitives in Salem, VA for me. We did our part!
2. Steve chopped more wood to fuel the wood stove this winter and I made lunch to fuel him.
3. Tonight, we met Chelsea and Chad at The Tap Room in The River House. Steve wanted to try their beer on tap (over 30 to choose from!) and I wanted to enjoy a meal out. Between the five of us, we ordered chili verde, a hamburger, a turkeyburger, pork carnita, a grilled chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries. The place was hopping, but the service was good and we had fun. I found a couple of photos posted over here: The Pizza Fan.

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  1. I realized I supported Small Business Saturday, too, when I purchased cheese at the Sweetgrass Dairy store in Thomasville, Georgia, and bought a basket at another shop down the way. Thomasville has a thriving downtown and I stopped on the way out of town.

    Love the thought of that food. Yum!