Friday, November 23, 2012

Something Different To Do, Repeat, Brave Blossom

1. Wanting to do something special, yet wanting to steer clear of any crowds, we drove to scenic Lexington, Virginia where we browsed my kind of mall- antique malls! Once inside the doors, we scattered in different directions, hunting down our favorite things. Only one of us purchased, though. Tess found a 35mm Minolta camera with case, lens, and flash for $40. She's excited to experiment with film.
2. Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner. Who doesn't love that?!
3. A tiny, lone blossom on the crab apple tree fills my heart with tenderness.


  1. We didn't do Black Friday either. I love going to antique malls. Sounds delightful. And love that delicate flower.

  2. mmm leftovers - who doesnt love that for sure!

  3. I smiled at the idea of Tess using 35 mm film, something I abandoned when the newspaper industry did about a dozen years ago. She will find it limiting in some ways - she will have to carefully frame the shots. No taking lots of photos to get the right one, like you can with digital. But she will also find it very interesting artistically. I look forward to seeing the results.

  4. Black Friday sales pitches are wasted on us as we avoid them too. We spent the day babysitting the grandkids in RI while their parents both worked that day. Good luck to Tess with her camera.