Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Oldie But Goodie, On Biscuits

1. Monday, I overheard Tess talking to herself at the computer. Someone had asked her to draw a turkey and she was contemplating, "Hmm, do I want to draw what everybody else would draw? Or, do I want to be an overachiever?" Today she asked me if I would bake an apple pie for her class's Thanksgiving party. I said I could do that, "Or!" I said with excitement, "I could bake each person their own apple-shaped turnover!" She turned to me and said, "Mom, do you want to make what everybody else would make or do you want to be an overachiever?" I'm still laughing... and I don't know the right answer.

2. Steve built these speakers around 1985. They are huge, unattractive things that have been a bone of contention between the two of us for years. They are plain ugly and I fuss over the fact that they take up so much room and there's no way to 'decorate' them or hide their utilitarian form. When the girls were toddlers, they all pushed their pudgy fingers into the papery centers of the speakers and dropped little toys down into the square holes. But, they still grace our living room for one reason only- they put out BIG sound.  These speakers still bring me loads of joy with the volume cranked up while bake and clean, as I did today. Once, Steve offered to remove them to the basement and I had to say no, leave them be.
3. Neighbor W. asked if we wanted him to bring us anything from Saunder's Brothers. I asked for fig preserves. He brought us that and much more. Thank you for kind neighbors!


  1. love loud music when i'm in the mood to be a domesticated goddess! :)

  2. While ours were not hand made, we also have very large speakers similar to yours, and we also enjoy them daily as music plays 24x7 in our home.

  3. I just got rid of my big speakers and got some of those tiny Bose speakers. Yours are great for being hand made.